Frequently Asked Questions

What is the redevelopment project?

The redevelopment of St Vincent’s Private involves construction of a new building, the East Wing, on the site between the public and private hospitals that is currently occupied by the staff cafeteria. The East Wing will be a 13-storey building, with one storey underground, a new ambulatory care centre, four inpatient levels, additional consulting suites, additional operating theatres and a new rehabilitation unit.

The redevelopment also involves the refurbishment of the existing main building, which will include enlarging patient bedrooms and en-suites, and a renovation of the entrance foyer.  

How much is the project going to cost, and who is funding it?

This is a $150m project. Through its reserves and borrowings, St Vincent’s Health Australia has provided $90m. We are aiming to raise at least $40m + through philanthropy. We would be pleased to receive donations, please click here.

How will the day-to-day operations of St Vincent’s Private be maintained through this redevelopment?

We anticipate minimal disruption to the day to day operations of the hospital. However, as construction will take three years, some disruptions are inevitable.

Once the East Wing is completed, beds and staff will be progressively relocated to the new building to enable the progressive refurbishment of the existing inpatient units.

When is the project scheduled to open?

The new East Wing is scheduled to be completed and commissioned by late-2017.

What facilities and services will the redevelopment provide?

The redevelopment project will:

  • Increase the proportion of single bedrooms from 72% to over 90%
  • Increase our overall bed numbers by 50, from 270 to 320
  • Increase our overall operating theatre numbers by three, from 13 to 16
  • Relocate and collocate sterilising services to enable the expansion of operating theatres
  • Provide a new Ambulatory Care Service
  • Provide a new Rehabilitation inpatient and outpatient service
  • Provide additional doctors’ suites.

What will the project look like?

You can view artists’ impressions of the building in the image gallery.

How big is the site?

The site for the new building has a footprint of approximately 750 square meters.

Have local stakeholders had the opportunity to comment on the proposed redevelopment?

In addition to neighbourhood letter drops, community consultations were held in February and March 2015. The Department of Planning and Environment exhibited the project on its website during April and May 2015.

How many staff positions will the redevelopment create?

The redevelopment is projected to create 30 to 50 new full time and part time positions following commissioning of the new East Wing.

When will the recruitment process commence?

The recruitment process for additional staff will be gradually implemented approximately 6 to 8 months prior to the commissioning of the new hospital.

We’re currently taking expressions of interest from clinical and non-clinical professionals who would like to work at St Vincent’s Private. To register your interest please email

When will onsite works commence?

Works are expected to commence in October 2015.